Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Parque Historico Guayaquil

*Remember that Ecuador is a third world country.  Do not expect them to do things the way you are used to, and you will not get frustrated.
*It is best to drink water from bottles wherever possible.
*Diarrhea may occur.  Go to your doctor at home and be sure to get Cipro or other drug for treatment of diarrhea.  Pepto or other anti-diarrhea may help.  If you suffer from other problems down below, creams like Preparation-H is advised.

This park was about a 10-minute walk from the hotel, located in a residential area near Guayaquil.  Across the street was a theater, and down the street was an upscale mall. The park is a preserved natural area that by my estimate is about 60 acres. It is walled in (about 15 foot high stone or brick fence with barbed wire) on three sides, and on the fourth side, it communicates with the Guayas River, so its natural ecosystem is preserved.  Interestingly, I have three travel guides, and this little gem is listed in none of them, and the park itself is more substantial than some of the ones covered.  It is definitely worth a visit.  It is free, safe, and the children were well behaved.

The park has areas for interactive exhibits and demonstrations, but no touching.  There is a refreshment area to buy authentic Ecuadorian fast food.  The park consists of natural areas where many animals can be viewed up close and personal by way of boardwalks and paths, and areas that depict Guayaquil throughout its history, replete with costumes.  The historical areas consist of HUGE buildings, churches, courtyards, gardens, and the like.  It is simply amazing and beautiful.  Take plenty of bug spray, SPF >= 50, and large brimmed hats.  Panama hats are great, or look at Sundayafternoons.com.

Here are some pics of the park:
Right: Tapir
Below:Oscelot resting on tree
Below right: Flamingo






Sloth (Peccaries in background):
 Park Scenes: